High Quality Visuals

Visuals during a event add so much experience that your visitors will not forget about your event. We let your visitors leave your event with visual satisfaction and wanting to come back for more.  With the large knowledge and experience about visuals, noting is impossible to create. Any request from 2D and 3D animations up to compositing tasks and even interactive, it is something that will be taken care of with El Rayo with confidence.


Just pasion and dedication alone isn’t enough. Professionalism is a important matter with El Rayo. Communication with the client is one of the most important elements for a successful delivery of our services. The goal is always to ensure that you know that the visual element of the event is in the right hands and taking care of properly so you can focus on other elements of your event.


El Rayo invests a lot of time and resources into innovation of visuals and visual-performance. Understanding and using new technology and exploiting it for our own use to create something new and unique.  This allows us to stay ahead of the competition and fill the need of the demanding public who always wants to be surprised and thrilled with something new.

No artist or performer has ever become great without these two things: passion and dedication. Don’t you worry about that when working with El Rayo: he has a focus and energy one rarely encounters. So if your production really matters, if you really care about getting it right and getting the best: see if you can afford this young man.

Hidde M. Kross, MSc, director

 El Rayo is one of the most original and dedicated graphic designers I have worked with. He does not only understand the complexity of the content that needs to be visualized or animated, but also has inspired me to think ‘out of the box’ in creating graphic design. Working with him is a true pleasure and always generates synergy.

Dan Brinkhuis,

 El Rayo heb ik leren kennen als een leergierige toegewijde Motion Designer.  Hij is altijd erg bij het project betrokken en naar de klant toe zeer servicegericht. Dat maakt hem een gewaardeerd teamlid voor projecten die creatieve en complexe videographics nodig hebben.

Jules Bohnen, Producent, Jules Bohnen Media

El Rayo is a very studious guy with a lot of interests in 3D animation and compositing. His work represents his passion for graphic design. Besides that, El Rayo is a very social and hard working person. A real team player with high potential. Overall someone who you can count on!

Zcene MovingMediaCompany